The THE F* WORD project was timed to the International Women's Day 2023 reflecting the challenges that women face and the resilience they demonstrate in overcoming them..
It's interesting to note that even though the original intent was to create a selection of women’s portraits, the artificial intelligence used in the process ended up portraying women as suffering.

Each image is unique, yet all share a common theme of sadness and brokenness resulting from the challenges and difficulties faced by women. Despite these challenges, many of these women continue to persevere and move forward, while others choose to step away and find their own path.

The use of artificial intelligence to create these images underscores the power of technology to bring attention to important social issues, such as the difficult lot faced by women. Together we can help raise awareness and inspire action to address the underlying causes of gender inequality and the challenges faced by women around the world.
behind the scenes of the physical exhibition installation in Bezdna Gallery, Tel Aviv 2023

curator: Polina Bukh
design: Milana Milnovskaya
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